What is a Business Trust?

The Business Trust is your superior alternative to a Corporation or LLC for many reasons. First of all, it is private!

This short video will introduce you to the concept and benefits of using a Business Trust.

Your Corporation or LLC is registered with the Secretary of State and the database of filings is easily searched by anyone. This means attorneys and government bureaucrats. In most states, your Business Trust is never registered with anyone but it remains quite capable of liability protection for the owners and offers multiple tax classifications.

We advocate that privacy is your best safety in this perilous world of tenants, attorneys, & government bureaucrats. Never let the public see what you own.

As a real estate broker and investor I have navigated the LLC and Corporations landscape for years…which includes Secretary of State filings each year, directors and shareholder meetings each year, resident agent renewal each year, $800 to the FTB each year. All for the privilege of a state sanctioned publically registered entity? No thanks! I’ve had enough.

Are you concerned about pending litigation or loan covenants? Would you like to minimize a prenuptial agreement? Would you ownership safety from a judgment or tax lien?

A trust designed to hold business or investments assets gives you unbelievable privacy and safety. It’s inexpensive and rarely needs the Secretary of State. It’s ideal for JV deals, single investors. Personal financial or legal problems may never touch your equity. Find out how it works!