Difference Between Inc / LLC and Business Trust

It’s important to know the Difference between Inc / LLC and Business Trust.

Corporations and LLCs operate by permission of your secretary of state. Business Trusts operate without the secretary of state.

The state requires Corps/LLCs to pay annual filing fees and pay franchise taxes. They also require your personal information such as name, telephone number and verified addresses. If not, you lose the ability to do business in that state.

There are zero filing fees and zero franchise taxes for a Business Trust. None of your personal or business information is posted online.There is nothing for anyone to discover online – you’re invisible.

Commercial Trusts also known as Business Trusts were used by the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan. If you invest in a mutual fund, it is most likely setup as a Business Trust.

James explores these topics with you. He explains why to use a Business Trust in today’s legal minefield of grifters, opportunists and data thieves. Learn how to keep your assets invisible and safe.

LLC and Business Trust.