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e-Seminars, Strategic Plans & More

  • The Business Trust e-Seminar ($3,000) shows you ‘how’ to design and create a business trust. Organized like a flight plan – both strategy & tactics. Includes all essential elements, what to do, what not to do, and in what sequence. It’s one a kind and the best to be found anywhere worldwide.

  • The Estate Planning e-Seminar ($750) shows you ‘how’ to design and create a succession plan. Includes Living Trust, Health Care Directives, POA for Health Care and Asset Management. Plus a 30 page checklist for often overlooked yet important details your heirs need. It’s a complete legacy package.

    Even if you need legal or tax specialists this e-Seminar will give you a powerful head start for ‘internalizing’ the issues related to complex estates.

  • The Realty Land Trust e-Seminar remains a pending product. However, we’ve found in practice that the Business Trust is far superior for holding title to real property. Watch the comparison video here.

  • The Custom Strategic Plan ($35,000) is where we analyze your entire portfolio. We first look at title to your assets. Then we design a plan taking into consideration control, heirs, taxes, and privacy based upon your goals.

  • The Uncorporation Book ($20) is a short story about James and the history of commercial trusts used in commerce. It explains the ‘why’ of business trusts and our creative applications for your unique situations.