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Trust Solutions

e-Seminars, Strategic Plans & More

  • The Business Trust e-Seminar applies to a wide variety of asset classes. Learn the strategies and tactics involved in keeping your affairs and assets safe. Inc/LLC alternative. Off the public radar screen too.

  • The Estate Planning e-Seminar guides you through the process of succession planning. One day we all pass the baton to another runner. This is the foundation of any of your business interests.

  • The Realty Land Trust e-Seminar remains a pending product. Although it does have a few extra features, a business trust is quite suitable for holding real property.

  • The Custom Strategic Plan is to step back and review an entire portfolio. We first look at asset title then design a master plan taking into consideration control, heirs, taxes and privacy.

  • The Uncorporation Book is a short story about James and how Trustarte began. It’s a big picture view of why ‘title’ is important for your assets.