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Is privacy for your real estate, business and personal assets important? Because of the internet, nearly everything you own is easily discovered. The purpose of this site is to raise your “situational awareness” about the relative safety of your visible assets and demonstrate the safety benefits of financial privacy.

You’ll learn about the distinct advantages of private trusts and how they can be used to wisely manage your assets and avoid unforeseen financial misfortune. Most importantly, you will discover the unique capacity of trusts to create privacy of ownership for your most valuable assets — and this little understood form of privacy is your most powerful financial ally. Would you like to know more?

Here you can explore the features of Private Holding Trusts, Business Trusts, Real Estate Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, and Business Sale Trusts.

User-Friendly Knowledge and Practical Solutions

As you will see by exploring the TrustArte site, private trusts have distinct advantages over other legal entities (Inc/LLC) typically used to hold valuable assets from the ever-expanding list of risks that accompany contemporary life. The TrustArte website was created to provide user-friendly knowledge — practical information in simple language to illustrate the unique power of private trusts for your exclusive benefit.

Privacy Is Your Best Protection

An essential element of trust design is the “invisible ownership” that they can provide — in other words, privacy. A corporation or LLC can only derive their privileges and protections from state registration. However, private trusts derive their power from the actions of the individuals who form them. Trusts are therefore private contracts and the constitutional right to create them belongs to all of us. As you will discover, or might already know, financial privacy is your least expensive and greatest form of safety. It is to your strategic advantage.

TrustArte Empowers You

Trusts can own any kind of asset – from businesses and investment real estate to homes, bank accounts, artwork, antiques, aircraft, motorhomes — literally anything of value that you want to safeguard. But information about private trusts is scarce. Our mission is to bring this valuable knowledge to you and personally assist you become more aware of financial safety.

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As you explore the TrustArte website, we invite you to send us your questions. You can ask the TrustArte founder, James Billings, a general question about trusts and he will personally respond to your inquiry. Click Here to Ask James A Question.

Tap into the Unique Power of Trusts

To tap into the unique power of private trusts for ensuring a secure financial future you need an expert, and we are the experts across a broad range of infinitely valuable trusts. TrustArte is here to personally assist you. We’re here to educate you. We’re here to give you the financial privacy you not only deserve, but need.

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