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Asset Privacy

Why Do I Need Title Anonymity?

Let’s define each word independently to better understand the ‘Asset Privacy’ term.

Asset is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.” In our situation we specifically focus upon your business, real estate, and bank accounts.

Privacy is defined as “A state in which one is not observed, disturbed by other people or in legal terms is the state of being free from public attention.”

Asset Privacy with Legal Trusts

As this term implies, ‘Asset Privacy’ means keep your property itself plus the owners anonymous and invisible from potential treats, known and unknown.

Data privacy such as your email address, telephone number, home address, SSN and credit reports are outside this discussion of Asset privacy.

How does Asset Privacy help protect me?

What happened is that the internet has changed how we search and store important information. As our financial world is based upon valuable assets, they are easily searched online. This is why asset privacy is the new trend for savvy investors.

Without any type of asset privacy planning, financially successful people are faced with the risk, how do I my stuff safe from legal predators? A maze of LLCs and corporations is too weak. They are easily discovered on the Secretary of State website and online databases. They can also match up with the Recorder’s website and online property records. No matter how your attorney argues, your assets are on the tabletop for all to see and fight over.

With asset privacy planning, you’ve taken select assets off the table. If you do the trust paperwork right, nobody will find these assets because of privacy strategy and design.

Get asset privacy for bank or brokerage account, real estate, or a business itself. Use a business trust, realty land trust or holding trust for anonymous title to the asset itself.

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