Asset Protection

Asset Privacy & Anonymity

Vital for the modern age

Let’s use the Oxford Dictionary to better understand our meaning of the ‘Asset Privacy’ term.

Asset – “property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.”

Privacy – “a state in which one is not observed, disturbed by other people,” or in legal terms, “free from public attention.”

Anonymity – “the state of remaining unknown to most other people.”

‘Asset Privacy’ means keeping the owners and the property itself anonymous & invisible from outsiders.

Asset Privacy 2020

Business Trusts & Realty Land Trusts

As we begin this new decade the safety and privacy of your real property, business, or financial accounts are all at risk. Although the internet is a tremendous tool it can also provide anyone searching online with details of your high value assets. This visibility can lead to a wide variety of nasty problems such as unwanted publicity, records fraud and spurious lawsuits.

The purpose of this site is to raise your “situational awareness” about online asset exposure. Your corporation and LLC details are online with the Secretary of State. Your real estate holdings and mortgages are online with the County Recorder. Only an unlisted private trust can keep your assets off the public radar screen. Yet there’s little information on this subject. More importantly, “how” to use a trust to get privacy or anonymity is scarce. Context is always a factor. If you are reading this, you’re one of the few insiders who understand the need.

Our politicians in Washington DC now want photo identification of all your corporate stockholders and LLC members. Failure to comply with the pending legislation includes $10,000 fines and criminal penalties. Read what they have planned for you…

Information is a Source of Power

A driver in India once said, “truth is too valuable a commodity to give to strangers.” When you give information about yourself or your financial affairs away, you’re transferring some of your power to another party.

Over 114 government agencies can easily request your income tax records via FinCEN without any challenge. Your financial records appear in credit reports and online for all to see.

You must adopt an attitude that absent a specific law to the contrary, or instances when you’re under oath, nobody has the right to your personal information.

Discover how a trust can give your assets invisibility or anonymity. This site will explain how personal and commercial trusts keep your assets safe.

Immediately understand why savvy investors now have Inc/LLCs in the rear-view mirror.

You get Distinct Advantages with Personal and Commercial Trusts

Use them to wisely manage assets and avoid unforeseen financial misfortune. Most importantly, discover the unique capacity of a trust to create title privacy for your most valuable assets. They save you time, money, and eliminate bureaucratic hassles. This little understood approach to title is a powerful financial ally.

Explore the benefits of Holding Trusts, Business Trusts, Realty Land Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Living Trusts and Business Sale Trusts.

Discover why Savvy Investors are replacing Corporations and LLCs with Business Trusts

As you will see by exploring the TrustArte site commercial business trusts have distinct advantages over other legal entities (Inc/LLC) for “holding title” to valuable assets. This is one step aside from the ever-expanding list of risks that accompany contemporary business life. This website was created to provide user-friendly knowledge for you. Read practical information in simple language illustrating the unique power of various trusts for your personal benefit.

Asset Protection vs Asset Privacy

Asset Protection is poised for battle. Your Army of Generals, soldiers, armament, and horses. The phalanx is visible, front and center. You and your lawyers are fully engaged 24/7 mentally, financially and emotionally. It’s about what does happen.

Asset Privacy is pure stealth. Nobody sees anything. Nobody knows what you have. Nobody knows where you are. It’s about what doesn’t happen.

Which one helps you sleep at night?

Anonymity Is Your Best Protection

An essential element of trust design is the “anonymity” that they can create for assets — in other words, privacy. A corporation or LLC is highly visible online and can only derive their privileges from state government permission.

And recognize that real estate owned by your Corporation or LLC is easily searched and found at the County Recorder. Calculating your equity is easy.

However, a trust derives their power from the actions of the individuals who form them. Trusts are private contracts and the constitutional right to create them belongs to all of us. As you will discover or might already know, asset privacy or anonymity is your least expensive and greatest form of protection. Be unlisted online. Stealth is to your strategic advantage.