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History and Founder of Trustarte

Trustarte was founded in 2009 by James to empower individuals and businesses gain more awareness of the risks to assets exposed online. The only solution to anonymous title vesting is a private trust instrument.

James Billings

James took an early interest in aviation, business, and finance – all which required academic study and practice in the fields of math, documentation, and planning.  

Professional Credentials:

The securities industry experience about capital markets and publicly traded investments was his first exposure to ‘legal’ title for high value assets. However, the volatility and liquidity of stocks often led to emotional decision-making.

In contrast, real estate transactions were relatively slow, deliberate and planned. The illiquidity of real property forces you to think several steps ahead. In preparation for a California real estate broker’s license in 1997 James did ‘title abstract’ research at Napa Land Title.

His best mentor taught various real estate seminars including Corps/LLCs/Trusts. One gold nugget was how to use ‘land trusts’ to bifurcate title and anonymize grant deeds. Whenever a client wanted to use an LLC they were always advised of the land trust option.

James also learned how to buy & sell houses door to door. Two goals – control and taxes. As a broker he had no control over the seller or buyer. Becoming a buyer gave him 50% control in the resale transaction.

Agency deals earn self-employment income which is highly taxed. Reselling his houses for a profit were lower taxed short term capital gains. All these transactions used land trust vesting along with escrow and title insurance. James made every mistake possible and refined each successive transaction.

Curiosity about an alternative for Corporations led to Business Trusts. It turns out they had broader applications and could also be used for real property title.

James realized that microfilm and book search at the local county Recorder’s office and US Mail requests to the Secretary of State presented a new, unique opportunity.

The internet was fast becoming a resource for these public records. Maybe a few people preferred to keep their business affairs and property ownership private?

In 2009 James founded Trustarte. To become a world class expert he needed more theoretical knowledge, structural mechanics, and practical experience.

In 2012 he gained admittance to The American Academy in Rome and Vatican Libraries. Both institutions held rare, out of print books. Roman “fideicommissa” was revealed in detail. Centuries later English “trusts” evolved in society. Oxford University Press held many other volumes from English legal historians. F.W. Maitland illuminated the “unincorporate body.”

After reflecting upon this research plus his own experiences why hadn’t the American legal community advocated trusts for private commercial purposes?

James discovered that decades ago US law schools removed trust law from curriculum. The multi-state bar exam omits questions on trust law. This could explain why Corporations and LLCs are popular. Most lawyers don’t know about business trusts despite 400 years of English legal history.

He continued to study essays by American legal scholars and Supreme Court rulings on Rockfeller and Carnegie trusts. State statutes exposed hidden opportunities.

Trustarte’s first website launched in 2014. Video production began in 2015. Both efforts were designed to teach people about various types of trusts, their ancient origins and range of applications.

Lynda dot com validated the online education model. James understood that most successful businesspeople are intellectually curious. The e-Seminar model succeeded. It filled a huge vacuum that had been missed by everyone.

Since no one else had written a contemporary volume on business trust applications, James wrote and published “The Uncorporation” book in 2018.

Corporations, LLCs, Asset Protection Trusts, Wyoming and Nevada, UK Trust Registry, Corporate Transparency Act, etc. remain highly popular topics. But in our more perilous world nothing can touch the quiet safety you get with a business trust.

James is the world’s foremost authority on commercial business trusts for private investors and business owners.

He resides in Buenos Aires Argentina and San Diego California. If you need help just reach out.