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See James’ commentary on recent news stories. The focus is privacy issues as related to high value assets. You can read about irrevocable trusts, business organizations, LLCs, real estate, and banking as well as economics, legal, and tax aspects of various types of trusts.

Final Judgments

Fideicommissa – Italian for trust. This is exactly why I did research in Rome at the American Academy and the Vatican Libraries. Imagine my delight

What is the privacy paradox?

The answer – when people recognize its importance but fail to act. Loss of privacy generally has no immediate effect. Consequences are felt after your

Global Acceptance

Did you know that a Business Trust is valid in many other countries? Here’s an article from Barbados about young female entrepreneurs… Barbados Today

Are you next? Are you ready?

The business world is rapidly changing. Are you prepared to be the next independent contractor? Get a business bank account opened to make your first

Who’s the criminal here?

How easy it is for government to seize your assets? Unlike a civil lawsuit many of us understand, your friendly government agent only needs one

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