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See James’ commentary on recent news stories. The focus is privacy issues as related to high value assets. You can read about irrevocable trusts, business organizations, LLCs, real estate, and banking as well as economics, legal, and tax aspects of various types of trusts.

Creative Trust Combinations

Creative Trust Combinations – Circle the Wagons – Business Trust, Corporation, LLC and Living Trust In this video James describes the various components. The corporation

How Trusts Benefit You

Learn How Trusts Benefit You. Do you own a business, real estate or brokerage account? Most people know these valuable assets are safer when legal

The Advantages of Trusts

The greatest advantage or benefit a trust can offer you is privacy. No other instrument for “asset title” provides the level of privacy and security

The Unique Power Of Trusts

Trusts are unique financial instruments and they hold a special place in our legal history. People have been using trusts to manage, protect and share

What is a Realty Land Trust?

A quick educational video to help you understand What is a Realty Land Trust. A trust specifically designed for holding ownership ‘title’ to real property.

What is a Business Trust?

The Business Trust is your superior alternative to a Corporation or LLC for many reasons. First of all, it is private! This short video will

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