Banking Business Trust – Banking with your Business Trust

Banking Business Trust – Learn how to bank with your Business Trust.

Do you want anonymity for some of your money? James explains the strategies to get a stealth account using a business trust. Done correctly, it is virtually impossible to find – leaving opportunistic lawyers, busybodies, thieves and hackers in the dark.

Strategies in this video include:

1. Types of business accounts
2. What are the best locations for a business trust bank account
3. Who opens your business trust bank account
4. Paperwork needed to open the account

Unlike traditional business structures, such as corporations and LLCs, business trusts do not require registration from the Secretary of State in most states. This means no waiting for a ‘certificate of good standing’ or doing a special corporate resolution for banking.

Your business trust declaration and EIN is all that’s required. TrustArte is your best expert for asset privacy and Business Trust strategies.

Banking Business Trust