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History and Founder of Trustarte

The company was founded in 2009 to empower individuals and businesses gain more awareness of the risks to assets exposed online. The solution is anonymous title vesting using a Trust.

Financial privacy is now obsolete for Individuals, Corporations and LLCs because of the internet. Your personal and business details are visible online. The Secretary of State disavows business identity theft. Corporate veil risks include tax audits and insurance claims denied. Pending legislation from Washington DC politicians are demanding photo identification for corporate stockholders and LLC members or criminal penalties.

The company offers you – Business Trusts, Realty Land Trusts, Prenup Trusts, and Estate Planning Trusts.

James Billings Trustarte Founder

James Billings

Mr. Billings is a highly respected global expert on “title” strategies for asset privacy. He is the founder of Trustarte.

In 1995 a mentor taught him how savvy investors anonymously hold title to real property – private trusts. This conclusively ended his use of state sanctioned LLCs and Corporations. And now in 2020 Business Identity Theft and fraudulent Secretary of State Filings are real risks to asset safety. Though his work James saw the powerful benefits and value of trust instruments for realty, businesses and banking.

James is an Economics Graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu California. Professional Credentials include – NASD FINRA Stockbroker, FAA Commercial Pilot and CA Real Estate Broker.

His talent is designing title strategies using trust instruments for specific outcomes – privacy, liability safety, tax benefits and control.

Once you understand the interplay of title law, real property vesting, tax classifications, and trust structures the benefits are truly one of a kind. Rather than a toolbox, imagine an artist’s color palette. A trust is like a swiss army knife – it has unlimited applications.

James Billings is known as one of the most sought out experts for asset privacy by elite investors. He’s famous for creating anonymous title to high value assets that anyone can implement. He divides his time between offices in Buenos Aires Argentina and San Diego California.

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