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Landlord / Income Property

Combination of real estate and personal trusts designed to serve those whose assets are primarily real property. Package includes:
Living Trust - Your Family’s Future
Secure your loved ones from the risks of probate and unforeseen legal challenges to the distribution of your estate while reducing your assets public profile.,
Business Trust - Your Business Organization
Provides you with a formal business organization. You get operational privacy, liability protection, and tax benefits. Your real estate assets remain isolated and separate. Ideal for property management.,
Life Insurance Trust - Your Estate Taxes
Insure that your heirs have essential non-taxable liquidity at death for immediate expenses and subsequent estate taxes (due in 9 months). Avoids urgent and possibly illiquid real estate sales.,
Holding Trust - Your Commercial Equipment
Separate hazardous equipment that can cause personal injury from yourself and your business. It gives you privacy and reduced liability exposure.

Package Price $10,499.00 (That’s a savings of $2,000.00 over individually priced trusts)

Begins with 20-Minute Private Phone Consultation.
Cost of initial consultation is $100.00 and will be credited toward final purchase.
Participation in initial consultation never obligates you to any further purchase.

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