Custom Strategic Plan

Custom Strategies

For those clients who want a comprehensive master plan to strategically maximize privacy and gain the greatest advantage of trust structures in combination with corporations, limited liability companies and life insurance options —  TrustArte offers a Custom Strategic Plan.

Most clients build their financial lives slowly over time on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. In other words, piece by piece without a master plan. This is the horizontal approach. After a while, it needs a fresh look.

We take the vertical approach. We review all of your current personal and business holdings and make recommendations how to redesign your affairs. The primary goals in order are – privacy, reduced liability, and reduced taxes. We create a top-down flowchart diagram for you.

Send us your list of personal and business assets and their approximate values. We don’t need specific names, addresses or account numbers, just a basic description of the assets, along with the following:

  • How you currently hold title to each asset
  • In which state each asset is located
  • What is primary function of each asset/entity
  • The state of registration for any legal entity
  • Your long term financial goals

Your financial life is like a movie. The Custom Strategic Plan sees more than the view of any professional — attorney, broker, cpa or money manager.  These vendors generally only see a single frame or two of your movie. Our job is to view the entire movie – past, present and planned future – including your people.  The results empower you with new big picture insights, more  choices and a greater sense of command over your financial future.

$25,000 minimum