Privacy for High Value Assets

Business Trust e-Seminar

Get our 25 years of experience and strategies. Nobody else has this expertise! Why make painful & costly mistakes? In a few hours you'll see the big picture. Learn what's important.


Afterwards, you'll know how to do the paperwork right. You'll understand legal issues, taxes and anonymity strategies. Open your business bank account tomorrow.


Includes "Quick Start Guide" and Your Comprehensive "Owner's Manual" to Operations

  • Instructions and Strategies
  • Trust Declaration - PDF & MS Word
  • How to Name your Trust
  • How to Select your Trustee
  • How Many Trustees & Why
  • How to Select Beneficiaries
  • Who is the Ideal Beneficiary & Why
  • Where to Domicile your Trust & Why
  • How to get your EIN from the IRS
  • When Do You need an EIN
  • How to get an EIN without a SSN
  • Why create multiple Business Trusts
  • Regulations for your CPA or Accountant
  • Answers to Bankers Questions
  • How your Bank Account is Indexed
  • What type of Bank Account do you get
  • Bank vs Brokerage Accounts
  • Which Banks have Forms Online
  • International Banking
  • Doing Business or Not Doing Business
  • DBA Issues
  • Intrastate vs Interstate Rules
  • Business Credit Issues
  • Employees & Contractors
  • Lawsuit Info & Strategies
  • State Registration Loopholes
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • How to get Assets into the Business Trust

Important to Remember:


- Business Trusts are private and anonymous!


- Eliminate Secretary of State - name conflicts, registration, veil, franchise taxes & resident agents

- Get Limited Liability, Isolate Business from Personal Assets and Transferable Shares


Extra Value - Create multiple Business Trusts with this e-Seminar


* January 2021 - Various Updates

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What Else You Get with the Online Seminar

  • Business Trust Declaration
  • Audio and Text Instructions
  • Strategic Guidance & Questions
  • Banking Secrets & Tactics
  • Tax and Legal Supplements
  • Telephone Q&A with James

BONUSES - Realty Land Trusts & Personal Estate Trusts

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