Business Identity Theft and Secretary of State Fraud

Posted on 2019-01-12 by James Billings

Protect yourself from Business Identity Theft and Secretary of State Fraud

Discover how thieves replace your LLC manager then borrow millions of dollars against LLC real estate. The bad guys never make a payment and default. Imagine cleaning up this horrific mess!

In this video you will discover business identity theft and Secretary of State Fraud. Even more perilous is how thieves connect Secretary of State business filings with your County Recorder’s real estate records.

Both have very real consequences to your business, your property and your finances. James shares a real life $2,000,000 loss story.

Your friendly government doesn’t even tell corporations and LLCs when their information has been fraudulently changed or compromised by thieves. After the barn is on fire, you have to tell them. “Oh, we’re sorry to hear that. Ask the legislature to fix our system.”

James presents the solution for protecting yourself from business identity theft and Secretary of State fraud. You can also get anonymity for real estate at the County Recorder.

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