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See James’ blog commentaries and perspectives of recent news stories. The focus for insiders is privacy and safety of high value assets. You can read about personal & commercial trusts, business organizations, LLCs, real estate, and banking. Additional insights include economics, legal, and tax aspects of various types of trusts.

The end of Private Property Rights

Big brother will soon resume listening and watching your every move. The new White House occupant has made very clear he hates dissent or challenges. Assets in your name are…

Your pre-nup made easier?

Retitle valuable pre-marital assets to separate trusts. Your real estate & brokerage accounts are owned by a trustee. This renders them safe from your new partner’s financial affairs and greatly…

Personal Privacy

There is a justified concern about personal privacy. Wouldn’t you feel safer if your most valuable assets were invisible? SF Chronicle


Here’s an example of common law trusts used in Kenya. The article is about taxation of Business Trusts & Living Trusts. You can see they’re useful worldwide. Business Daily Africa

Government Theft of Citizens Property

Just like dictatorships, the USA has greedy government theft of its citizens. The state’s nuanced, begrudging righteousness or ignorant mindset sways the judge and a single signature seizes all your…

Statutory Asset Protection

You can play the “asset protection” game two ways – highly visible state statutes & attorneys, or quietly invisible private trusts. Which do you prefer? New York Times – Business…

Real Estate Wealth

Visible wealth is more precarious by the day. The world is uncertain. People want a piece of you regardless of your smarts or talents. Go to Las Vegas or Monaco…

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