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TrustArte offers you both Trust Packages — which combine the most widely used and effective instruments — and individually priced services. Below is a list of individual trust pricing services. These include consultation, information gathering and final document preparation.

After you qualify, all services begin with your initial 20-minute consultation. Participation in the initial consultation never obligates you to any purchase. It’s just for us to get acquainted. All trusts include portfolio privacy strategies. Optional combinations interface with LLCs or Corporations.

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Living Trust — Your Family’s Future: $3,500
Secure your loved ones from the risks of probate and unforeseen legal challenges to the distribution of your estate. Includes strategies to reduce your profile in public records.

Business Trust — Private Business Organization: $10,000
Save Time and Money with operational anonymity, liability protection, EIN, stealth bank account and corporate tax benefits. No SOS registrations. Also includes Portfolio Privacy Review.

Life Insurance Trust — Pays Your Estate Taxes: $15,000
Insure that your heirs have non-taxable liquidity at death for immediate expenses and subsequent estate taxes to avoid urgent asset sales. Best for estates that exceed $11 million in 2018.

Realty Land Trust — Vesting for Real Property Assets: $10,000
Own land, apartments, options, leases, remainders, and notes, etc. with total anonymity. Eliminate multiple LLCs and franchise taxes. Make whole or partial transfers independent of your living trust. Enhance your negotiating position in a sale transaction.

Holding Trust — Special Assets: $7,500
Aircraft, Watercraft, Motorhome, Brokerage Accounts,Car Collections, Artwork, Antiques etc. Privacy and liability reduction. Useful to establish provenance. Anonymous transfers.

Business Sale Trust — Your Liquidity Event: $15,000
Reduces your state income tax liability up to 75% when your successful business is sold to another company.

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Tap into the Unique Power of Trusts

To tap into the unique power of trusts for ensuring a secure financial future you need an expert, and we are the experts across a broad range of infinitely valuable private trusts. TrustArte is here to personally assist you. We’re here to educate you. We’re here to give you the financial privacy you not only deserve, but need.

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Our Philosophy Trust Arte will openly engage with other professional advisors such as tax specialists and accountants to develop the most effective solutions for our clients. Should their services be of value to you, our trust professionals will work with your other advisors. This “open architecture” philosophy, which is reflected throughout our organization, allows us to build closer relationships with our clients and offer them the best solutions.

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