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About TrustArte

TrustArte was founded in 2009 by leading private trust strategy expert, James Billings, to empower individuals and businesses gain more awareness of their assets visible in the public domain and understand the important benefits of private trusts.

The company provides a wide-range of expertise and services related to trust structures and strategies, most often with real estate. The purpose is to design privacy solutions for business and  personal assets which yield financial peace of mind for clients’ unique circumstances.

We work with professional advisors such as tax specialists, estate attorneys, paralegals, and accountants to develop and implement effective client solutions.

TrustArte helps you achieve the financial security you not only deserve, but need.

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About James Billings, TrustArte Founder

James is an Economics graduate of Pepperdine University of Malibu California, an FAA Commercial Pilot and California Real Estate Broker. He became keenly interested in trusts twenty years ago and developed practical expertise from hundreds of real estate transactions. He’s participated in various property lawsuits including one petitioned to the CA Supreme Court. Though his work, James saw the powerful and unique value of trusts beyond real estate transactions and land holdings. He realized that the very privacy trusts afforded was exactly the element that made them misunderstood and under-utilized by attorneys.

He spent years studying trusts and gaining expertise. Over time, it became clearly evident to James that no other form of asset ownership delivers the level of security and privacy that trusts do (private trusts). Clients desired financial privacy but didn’t know how! In 2009, he formed TrustArte to help others understand and enjoy the unique benefits of private trusts for owning personal property, a business and especially real estate.


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